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Alexander Scott Structural Engineering & Technical Services (ASSETS) is a division of Alexander Scott Design Ltd.

This section has the specific focus on services relating to the structural design and inspection of buildings and structures.

Lighthouse is designed to act as a platform for the targeting and addressing of problems in design and engineering practice.

It aims to do this through the sharing of ideas and discussion in order to generate learning that is of the highest callibre and advances a wider understanding, as well as the technical expertise, required to design effectively.
PIP (Project Information Portal) is our online document distribution and project overview service.

It allows you to download any documents that have been issued to you and stay up to date with important changes.
Alexander Scott Design

As a result of our broad approach to design and our concentration on the importance of problem-solving skills, we are able to operate across several sectors of the construction industry and as a practice cover a wide technical range, including:

  • Traditional and historic buildings
  • Domestic architecture
  • Services to specialist steel frame contractors
  • Design support to timber frame and specialist timber roof contractors
  • Services to support main contractors
  • Design of unique structures for highly specific applications
  • Design, both architectural and structural, across a wide range of building types

Alexander Scott Design Ltd combines the best ideas in management with a broad conception of design and a practical construction-led approach to problem solving. Our decision to question the accepted beliefs of the established professions has generated fresh thinking on a wide range of issues – foremost amongst these is a dramatic widening of the skills of the designer and a thirst for knowledge beyond the accepted limits of conventional technical disciplines. This has resulted in a steady improvement of design and construction techniques and the generation of innovative and cost saving ideas.

In short, Alexander Scott Design Ltd challenges assumptions, tests and often rejects the status quo and innovates when we feel we cannot accept existing solutions or methods, or equally where none exist.